Brand Activations

Brand Activation

From a single outdoor campaign to a full UK tour, we have the products and services available to make your activation not only stand out from the crowd, but also make it fun and interactive for the users and provide you with that all important reporting that others struggle to do! From branded photos, with green screen technology to branded videos with a variety of effects, all can be shared via Email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with vital key static reporting all pulled back at the click of a finger. There is no end to the creativeness and there’s nothing that we love more than working with our clients to make something bespoke and out of the box!

Connect To Clients

Raise Brand Awareness

Whether an internal staff event, a new product launch in a shopping centre, or fixed install, connecting to clients through on brand design an animation is always a key priority for us.

Our pieces of technology have all been designed to allow creative freedom, allowing us to reinforce your brand and key messages to your clients at all stages. From animated logos and home screens, to branded workflows, and fully bespoke micro-sites and message responses, we ensure we work with you at all stages to get all vital points included in the activation.

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Cool Concepts

Exciting Technology to Maximise Engagement

When it comes to events and activations, capturing peoples attention and imagination is vital! Long gone are the days of basic pop up stands with a tv on to top playing videos, trying to engage people in conversation! It’s all about standing out from the crowd and being different, fun, engaging, creative and interactive!

Our in house pieces of technology have been carefully sourced to ensure maximum impact for you and your clients! With only a hand full of these products currently available in the UK, you’re certainly sure of standing out from the crowd.

With a variety of branding and user experience options available coupled with props and special effects, we can tailor your activation and event to your exact requirements.

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Data Capture

Enabling You To Re-market Effectively

We all know that quality, verified data is key when looking at how to effectively communicate and re-market to our client base. The best way of doing that is by collecting your very own through a variety of fun, engaging and interactive activations!

All of our in house pieces of technology are fully GDPR compliant, with built in disclaimers and readable privacy policies ensuring that all data captured is done so in the right way and dealt with securely.

Whether a one off event, a tour around the country or installed into a fixed location for a period of time, we can provide all vital information, breaking down the days and locations that the data was collected, allowing you to further pin point the key times, days and locations that have the maximum success.

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Magic Mirrors

Room Lighting

Corporate Light-up Letters

Live Artists